X Introduces ‘Stories’ with Grok AI Summaries

In recent news, X, formerly known as Twitter, has unveiled a groundbreaking feature – ‘ Stories on X ‘ which presents news and stories summarized by the innovative AI chatbot, Grok AI. This development is tailored specifically for X’s premium subscribers, granting them access to succinct summaries of posts associated with trending stories featured on the “For You” tab within the platform’s Explore section.

 Stories on X

The X Experience: A Snapshot of Trending Stories | Stories on X

X’s “For You” page serves as a comprehensive hub for users to stay updated on popular news and stories within their network, in addition to other recommended content. By leveraging this interface, X users can quickly catch up on platform discourse without the need for extensive timeline scrolling. For example, a TechCrunch reader’s “For You” page might showcase stories pertaining to Apple’s forthcoming iPad event, Microsoft’s security reformation, and the prevalence of burnout among AI engineers. Upon delving into each story to view the corresponding X posts, a summary of the subject matter gracefully surfaces at the top of the page, providing an insightful overview of the story being discussed.

AI-Generated Summaries: A Closer Look

The implementation of Grok AI into this feature marks a significant shift in how news summaries are handled. Notably, the AI-powered summary briefly encapsulates the stories for the user. In the case of an article addressing AI engineer burnout, the Grok-powered summary adeptly flags the growing concerns related to this industry, such as the competitive race, rushed rollouts, and the prioritization of investor satisfaction over genuine problem-solving. The summary also acknowledges that critics argue against treating safeguards and thoughtful innovation as afterthoughts in the pursuit of AI investments. Interestingly, as a humorous disclaimer, a message admonishing users to verify Grok’s outputs can be observed beneath the AI-generated summary, highlighting the importance of due diligence when consuming automated content summaries.

Twitter’s Previous Efforts vs. X’s Innovation

This initiative isn’t entirely novel, as trends summarization isn’t uncharted territory. Twitter, under its former leadership, began augmenting its trends with headlines and descriptions in 2020. However, the essence of Twitter’s approach distinctly differed from that of X’s, as it didn’t feature the assistance of an AI bot. Twitter’s previous strategy included annotating daily trends with additional information and pinning representative tweets for further context. Nevertheless, the execution of the rollout was inconsistent, with certain trends receiving elaboration while others were left devoid of additional context. X’s current utilization of Grok AI certainly heightens the level of detail and sophistication involved in trend summarization, offering enriched content and insight for its audience