Recall AI Tool: Your Photographic Memory on Copilot+ PCs

In the ever-evolving world of technology, Microsoft’s Copilot+ PCs have taken a leap forward with the introduction of Recall—an innovative feature designed to enhance productivity and streamline your digital life. In this blog post, we’ll delve into what Recall is, how it works, and why it’s a game-changer for Copilot+ users.

Recall AI Tool Your Photographic Memory on Copilot+ PCs

What Is Recall? | Copilot+

Recall is like having a photographic memory for your digital experiences. It periodically captures snapshots of your screen—whether it’s an app, website, image, or document—and stores them locally on your Copilot+ PC. These encrypted snapshots serve as visual bookmarks, allowing you to retrace your steps effortlessly.

Privacy and Security

Privacy concerns are paramount, especially when dealing with AI-driven features. Microsoft understands this, and Recall has been designed with user control and privacy in mind:

  1. Local Processing: Recall processes everything on your device itself. No data is sent to Microsoft servers.
  2. Snapshots, Not Videos: Recall doesn’t record audio or save continuous video. It’s all about discreet snapshots.
  3. User Control: You decide what’s saved. Disable snapshots, filter applications, or delete them anytime.
  4. Secure Storage: Encrypted snapshots stay securely on your Copilot+ PC.

Setting Up Recall

During Copilot+ PC setup, you’ll be informed about Recall. You can choose to enable / disable it. By default, snapshots are turned on, but you’re in control. If you change your mind later, head to Settings > Privacy & Security > Recall & Snapshots.

Filtering Apps and Websites

Want to exclude specific apps or websites from being saved as snapshots? No problem! Recall lets you filter out content. Just go to Settings and customize your preferences.

Enterprise Considerations

For enterprise users, IT administrators can manage Recall settings via group policy. If disabled, all saved snapshots are deleted, ensuring compliance and privacy.

Recall is more than just a feature—it’s a promise of productivity, privacy, and convenience. With Recall, Copilot+ PCs become your trusted digital companion, helping you find that elusive piece of information when you need it most.

Remember, your digital memories are safe, secure, and always within reach. Explore Recall on your Copilot+ PC today!

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