GenAI Platform Hanooman: Targets 200 million users

Hanooman : Revolutionizing AI for Masses

The emergence of Hanooman, a groundbreaking GenAI platform, represents a significant leap towards the democratization of artificial intelligence (AI) in India. The strategic partnership between 3AI Holding and SML India paves the way for the creation of a powerful, multi-modal, and multilingual AI ecosystem that aims to benefit millions. In this blog post, we’ll explore the transformative potential of it and its mission to make AI accessible to everyone, irrespective of linguistic barriers.

GenAI Platform Hanooman Targets 200 million users

Understanding Hanooman

With the collaboration between 3AI Holding and SML India, Hanooman sets its sights on an ambitious goal of reaching 200 million users within the first year of its launch. Ease of access is a key priority, especially since 80% of India’s population doesn’t speak English. It aims to empower everyone by offering support for 22 Indian languages, making it invaluable for a diverse and multilingual society.

The Vision of Hanooman

It embodies the mission of ‘AI for All.’ By offering multimodal and multilingual capabilities, including text, voice, image, and code, the platform is designed to eliminate language barriers and provide access to a wide-ranging user base. Furthermore, Hanooman’s collaboration with NASSCOM and the commitment to incubating startups in the Generative AI space underlines its dedication to fostering innovation.

Key Features of Hanooman

Multimodal Capabilities: Embracing text, voice, images, and code for a comprehensive user experience.

Multilingual Support: Catering to the linguistic diversity of India with support for 22 languages.

Generative AI Ecosystem: Pioneering an environment that enables other generative AI platforms to thrive.

Startup Incubation: Fostering growth and innovation by providing support to startups in the AI space.

Empowering India with AI

The collaboration between 3AI Holding and SML India signifies a landmark initiative to revolutionize the AI landscape in India. With a focus on accessibility, empowerment, and innovation, It seeks to redefine the role of AI in everyday life.

Hanooman’s strategic partnership is poised to pave the way for a future where Generative AI is synonymous with inclusivity and progress. This transformative journey is a testament to the potential of AI to uplift and empower societies, transcending linguistic boundaries, and contributing to the well-being of millions.

By bringing Hanooman to the forefront, we embark on a collective pursuit to ensure that the future of AI is truly ‘for all.’

In the grand tapestry of AI’s evolution, Hanooman is poised to wield a transformative influence, fostering a culture where AI is synonymous with inclusivity, creativity, and progress.