Elon Musk’s Secret Work Method for Being Productive 120 Hours a Week

Elon Musk’s secret work method for being productive 120 hours a week is a topic of significant interest due to his extraordinary work ethic. Here’s a detailed breakdown of his approach to maintaining high productivity during long workweeks:

Elon Musk's Secret Work Method for Being Productive

Musk’s Daily Routine / Elon Musk’s Productivity Method 

  1. Meticulously Planned Routine
    • The CEO of Tesla advocates for a meticulously planned routine to maximize every minute of his day, demonstrating that success is not just about working hard but also about working smart
  2. Optimization of Sleep and Morning Routine
    • Musk begins his day at 7 am after six hours of sleep and avoids consuming food and alcohol for a few hours before bed to optimize his sleep. He uses this time to plan the following days, continuing the relentless cycle that fuels his success.
    • He credits his shower for sparking great ideas and utilizes his morning routine to concentrate on one task at a time, improving focus and productivity.
  3. Time Management
    • He meticulously plans his day, breaking it into five-minute slots, to concentrate on one task at a time, effectively improving his focus and productivity.
    • The intense version of the Pomodoro technique helps him allocate specific time slots for emails, meals, meetings, and social media activities, including Twitter .
  4. Exercise Routine
    • Musk is not fond of morning workouts but uses a treadmill with TV distractions and practices martial arts like Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to maintain his physical fitness .
  5. Balance and Consequences
    • While Musk champions his workaholic lifestyle, it’s not without consequences, as evidenced by his experience of burnout from working 120-hour weeks.
    • It’s important to find a balance that works for individuals, incorporating healthy habits alongside effective work strategies 
  6. Strategic Schedule
    • He strategically divides his workweek between his companies, spending Mondays and Fridays at SpaceX in Los Angeles and the rest of the week at Tesla or Twitter in San Francisco, minimizing travel and maximizing work efficiency.
    • Musk advises thinking backward from the solution to find a better path forward, highlighting the importance of strategic thinking in problem-solving

Approach to Productivity | Elon Musk’s Secret Work Method

  • Musk’s approach to productivity is deeply rooted in discipline and structure, as he plans his day the night before and adheres to a strict schedule, ensuring that every minute is utilized effectively.
  • He believes that success is not just about working hard but also about working smart, demonstrating that it is essential to balance effective work strategies with healthy habits.


  • Musk’s workaholic lifestyle has not been without consequences. In 2018, he experienced burnout from working 120-hour weeks, emphasizing the importance of finding a balance that works for each individual .

Elon Musk’s routines and strategies offer tangible insight into the habits and mindset that have led to his extraordinary productivity and success.

By following Musk’s method, individuals can tap into the discipline and structure that underpin his approach to productivity, and adapt these principles to suit their own work style